Passing it on

After I had lost my old steelhead net, a cheap but very functional Frabill that is no longer manufactured, I was on the prowl for an equally cheap replacement. I can honestly say I’ve never understood the value of the expensive net. Now, I can definitely see the craftsmanship of a well-made wooden net, but … More Passing it on

Let it flow

Back in January when my wife and I started planning our June vacation to Canada, I immediately started searching for places to fish.  Our destination was Wasaga Beach, near the mouth of the Nottawasaga River in southeastern Ontario.  The Nottawasaga is a well-known steelheading river and I’ve even seen a New Flyfisher episode on it, … More Let it flow


I will be the first to tell you I have been struggling for a long time to catch a carp on the fly.  Pretty much the first time I tried for it with my friend Nate, I became obsessed with learning how to do it.  I’ve seen it go easier for other people, but for … More Clicking

The Grubby Bear

I posted this odd little fly I had been tinkering with on a couple Facebook tying groups and Instagram and I was quickly inundated with messages asking how I made it.  Honestly, it couldn’t be simpler.  It’s funny how you can post a picture of a really intricate and difficult streamer photo and you’d be lucky … More The Grubby Bear

The Why of Tie

Recently, I wrote a piece for Fly Punk Magazine in which I discussed what it was that I love about fly fishing.  A lot of the piece revolved around the idea that the individual acts of fishing, tying flies, and writing about both combine to create my strong connection with fly fishing as a whole.  … More The Why of Tie