Cicada – Yeah, those really loud monster bugs in Ohio summers

I’ve been really getting into tying foam terrestrials in the last month or so.  Andy and I did a fly swap a few weeks back where he gave me 10 of his kick butt Hipster Stache Sculpins and I gave him five of my foam ants and my black crickets in return.  I think it’s just that time of year where although we don’t have trout in our summer rivers, we do have some aggressive smallies looking for big terrestrials.  Anyways, the awesome people over at Fly Fish Food posted this interesting cicada pattern that I thought was worth a share.  Please do check out their blog or subscribe to it or whatever.  They have some really great patterns that they do and I’ll of course continue to share their posts that jump out at me.

Project-Cicada (2)

Here’s a link to the full article from them and check out the video below to see how it’s tied.

IMG_20150519_222516754_1Admittedly, I’ve never tied one of these and I probably will have my own variation that I’m going to tie based on this hopper pattern I hybridized from a couple different patterns I found.  I think I’ll try to put together a cicada pattern using the same principles and see if our local smallmouth will go after them.  It should just be a matter of widening the body and maybe extending the wing casing, fattening up the tail.  I’ll probably put some mono eyes on it too.  Keep an eye out for my creation.

Happy tying.



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