Golden Dace

Male blacknose dace
Male blacknose dace

I’ve had so much success with black nose daces with steelhead that I’m compelled to try them for smallmouth in the summer.  However, call it me imposing aesthetics onto nature, but for whatever reason I feel like everything takes on a bit of a golden hue in the warmer months.  So I decided I’d tweak the black nose dace a little bit and add some warmth to it just cause its purdy.

Little did I know, turns out the male species of the blacknose dace fish actually has more of a rusty orange coloring along the lateral line with flecks of black splotches.  So the tweak actually ends up looking quite a bit like the male of the species.

Instead of the standard silver tinsel and silver ribbing on the body, I used gold tinsel and copper ribbing.  I’ve also been finding that using craft fur for the white section of the wing and natural colored elk hair for the top “brown” section gives more girth to the fly.  The elk gives more resistance against the water giving the fly a taller profile.  I used the standard black bucktail for the lateral line but added some black crystal flash to give it the mottled look of the males.

Golden dace
Golden dace


Version 2.0

Golden Dace 2.0
Golden Dace 2.0

Added a red throat and changed the elk hair of the dorsal to tan craft fur.


Daiichi 2340 size 10
Danville mylar tinsel gold 16/18 (but I highly recommend going wider than that)
UTC ultrawire copper medium
synthetic sea hair red
Krystal flash black/pearl
white and tan craft fur



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