Gabe’s Easy Minnow

So ever since Andy gave me those Mohawk Sculpins he came up with for our swap, I’ve been wanting to use something like the CCT body fur that he used or at least an equivalent to it.  I ended up getting Chocklett’s Body Wrap (or Fur, I don’t remember) and it’s a lot like CCT except that it’s two strands and you cut down the middle.  It’s supposed to let you taper the fur so that when you wrap it, it does a lot of the trimming for you.  However, I end up doing plenty of trimming anyways so eventually I ended up just cutting straight down the middle.  I got the UV pearl white so that I could do some bright minnow patterns.  At any rate, I was home today with some food poisoning (fun fun) and got to try it out and come up with a quick and easy minnow pattern that I could crank out in volume without too much fuss.

It’s super easy.

Start out by tying in some white marabou for the tail.  Then at the base of the tail, wrap in some pink diamond braid about a third of the way up from the hook point.  Then tie in some uv black/pearl krystal flash.  Then move the thread up to about a third of the way back from the hook eye and tie in some bead chain eyes on top of the hook so that when it fishes, the fly will flip so the hook point is up.  Bring your thread back to the flash and braid, and tie in the end of the Chocklett.  Wrap it forward tightly and make sure you take one wrap between the bead chain eyes.  Bring it all the way to the eye and loosely wrap it down.  Just enough so that you can trim the butt end without it coming unraveled.  Then take your thumb and index fingernails and push back the wrap so that it scrunches tightly against the bead chain eyes.  Now start wrapping the thread tightly back, building up a tapered head and binding down the body wrap.  Whip finish and snip. Take some sharp scissors and start trimming it down so that you have a rounded head that tapers back into the tail.  You want just a little bit of the pink diamond braid to be showing so that when it gets wet, it shows through a little more prominently.  Rotate so the hook point is up and draw a couple black bands with a black sharpie. And you’re good to go.

Gabe's Easy Minnow
Gabe’s Easy Minnow

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