Fly Fishing Blog Round-Up

I’m a big reader.  I really like following fly fishing blogs and whether they’ve inspired me to write myself or just gave me insight or inspiration for when I’m on the water, they’re an important part of my fly fishing experience.  So I thought I should share with you some of the blogs I’ve been reading both as a way of sharing them with you and indirectly paying homage to them for entertaining me over the years.

Also, expect a Fly Tying Blog Round-Up from me in the near future.

Beware of the Locals: They’re all a little crazy

Rocky River Watershed Council

If you’re an angler on the Rocky River Watershed, you should be thanking these folks.  Take a look around, follow the blog, and if possible, get involved.  I myself actually just learned about this great non-profit and I hope to get involved shortly.

Cleveland Metroparks Fishing Report Blog

Mike DurkalecMike Durkalec – Cleveland Metroparks Aquatic Biologist

We like this blog so much we included an RSS for it in our sidebar.  If you’re in the Cleveland area and fish, you need to follow this blog.  Mike is awesome and knows just about everything there is to know about our local fisheries.  I’m constantly pestering him with nerdy science questions and he’s eternally patient with my curiosity.  In every report, he covers the gamut of everything that is going on in our local waters; from what they’re biting on to water conditions to local angling events.  Mike also organizes a great annual Rocky River cleanup event that is a lot of fun and goes a long way to keeping our river clean.  Plus if you’re catching and get a photo, you can send it in to him and he’ll post it in the blog.  You’ll see my ugly mug show up hopefully more often than not.

Not only can you get the current conditions for the Rocky River along with a summary of the fishing, but I regularly follow the TRR TV for awesome fly fishing videos.  There are a lot of great resources here if you’re planning on fishing our “urban jewel”, so poke around this great blog and learn about our beloved Rock.

Alien to Northeast Ohio

April Vokey
April VokeyWriter, TV personality, and one hell of an angler, April Vokey also has a blog that is definitely worth a follow.  She covers a wide range of topics.  There’s a bit of fly tying and some talk about the various causes she champions.  But mostly it seems to be about the ridiculously awesome adventures she’s always on.  Her Anchored podcast is particularly great if you just love “fish talk” as she sits down with a who’s who of fly fishing personalities.  These are very casual interviews so they’re a lot of fun to listen to and you can get some great insight into the history of the sport, techniques, regions, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Gink and Gasoline

Louis CahillKent Klewein
Louis Cahill and Kent Klewein

Louis and Kent operate a top notch blog here.  This is actually one of the first blogs I followed when I started fly fishing and it really helped a LOT and turned me into the seasoned fly fisherman you see before you today…. (crickets)  From helpful tips to amazing photography to just straight forward editorials, this blog is a lot of fun to read and is constantly posting.  One of my goals for DoubleHauled is that we’re frequently posting and not going months without a peep.  I got that from following this blog because while I may forget about other blogs for a while, Gink and Gasoline’s content is always fresh in my mind because they keep it that way.

Itinerant Angler

Zach MatthewsZach Matthews

This is actually one of the blogs that got me thinking “hey, I should write a blog.”  Not that we’re up to par with Zach, who’s written and had photographs published in such awesome publications as The Drake, American Angler, Fish & Fly, and Fly Tyer to name just a few.  Actually, it was precisely how knowledgeable Zach is that got me thinking, you know there’s nobody writing out there like me and Andy who are still finding their way through this whole fly fishing thing.  So congratulations Zach, you made me feel just stupid enough to write a blog about it.  Anyways, Itinerant Angler is awesome.  The gear reviews are some of the best you’re going to find and the podcasts and photoblog are great.  He actually just had a podcast with the Jay Zimmerman, the author of The Best Carp Flies: How to tie and fish them, which I not coincidentally just bought because I liked the interview so much.  Not only does the interview talk about the book, but there’s was a lot of interesting information about fly fishing for carp that I didn’t know.  So one book sale for Jay thanks to Zach.  Buy that man a beer.


Chico Fernandez
Thomas McGuane
Bruce Richards
Marshall Cutchin
Glenn Pittard

This blog has a bit of everything.  And with a staff that large, I can see how they are able to manage it all.  I can’t possibly go into all that I like about this blog, but let me point out a few personal favorites.  I’m a librarian as you know, so I am a big fan of fly fishing books.  They have an awesome book review section that I read constantly to see what’s coming out that I can add to my reading list.  Not only am I a reader, but I’m also pretty artsy fartsy, so I love their Fly Fishing Art section that highlights different artists in fly fishing art.  Bet you didn’t even know there was such a thing.  Awesome artists like AD Maddox, Derek DeYoung, and Jake Keeler all have galleries and links to their websites so that if you’re not broke like me, you might actually be able to purchase their art.  Another favorite section is the Video Hatch.

Moldy Chum

Authors Unknown

Don’t know who they are but I dig their blog.  Lots of good stuff here including videos, fly fishing news, and pretty soon, there will be product reviews.  Again, I’m artsy fartsy, so I particularly like their Fly Fishing Etsy posts where they highlight some of the fly fishing art that’s for sale on Etsy.  Some of it is obviously cooler than others, but it’s worth a follow if for nothing more than the videos.

The Limp Cobra

Marc FauvetMarc Fauvet

Some really great writing and photography here.  Marc’s just one of those guys who has more of a connection to fly fishing than just catching fish, and he illustrates that connection very well through his blog.  I particularly like his For the Love of Water posts which are simply photographs of natural waters that just give you those “gotta go fishing” chills when you take a few moments to look at them.


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