Fly Tying : Carp Duster

So I promised in the Carpe Carpio…Almost post that I’d put up a step by step of the Carp Duster fly that I hooked up on.  Granted I lost it, but that was no fault of the fly’s.

Start with a Gamakatsu Octopus hook in size 6 or smaller.  I think anything bigger would be way too threatening for a carp, but that’s just my theory.  These hooks are super tough and if you’re going to work hard enough to get a carp to bite, the last thing you want is your hook to bend on a trophy bruiser.

carp duster 1

Tie in a bit of rusty brown marabou and take it about a quarter of the way around the hook bend.  This will go a long way to inverting the material out of the mud when it’s fished.

carp duster 2

Next, you’re going to tie in some UV Polar Chenille Olive/Copper at the base of the marabou and just leave it there for now.  I love this stuff.  I’ve used it on several flies now and it’s just got some great natural looking hues to it.  Some copper, olive, and even some purplish fibers that together, look awesome.

carp duster 3

carp duster 4

Tie in a pair of bead chain eyes about a hook eye length behind the hook eye on top of the hook so that it rides upside down with the hook point up.  I do probably more figure 8 wraps on the eyes than I need to but I don’t like the eyes shifting from side to side.  Bring your thread to just behind the eyes.

carp duster 5

Now wrap the polar chenille forward to about an hook eye length behind the bead chain eyes.  As you wrap it forward, brush the fibers backwards with your fingers so that you don’t trap them under the wraps.  Once wrapped, tie it down and take a soft bristle brush to brush the fibers back.  Don’t use a dubbing brush as it will shred all those pretty fibers.

carp duster 6

Now tie a guinea hen feather by the tip and wrap it forward tightly until just before you get to the fluff of the feather.  You don’t want any of that on there, so tie off before it and give a couple thread wraps backwards so that the guinea sort of angles back a little instead of being perpendicular to the hook shank.

carp duster 7

Now tie in some orange or root beer diamond braid and move your thread to the hook eye.  Wrap the diamond braid forward and generously around the eyes to build up a bit of a head.  Once you’ve wrapped it around the eyes, wrap it forward beyond the eyes and tie it off.  Build a bit of a thread head and whip finish and slap a little head cement on there.  You’re done.  Remember, I had a carp change direction for this fly, so there’s something about it that looks good to them.  Happy carping.

carp duster 8


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