Friday Night Ties.

We drink beer on Friday nights just like normal people who aren’t obsessed with fishing. We drink beer and sing songs that we make up about the materials we are using to tie those flies. “Gimme that flash, that flash, that flash…where did you go my black beauty!?”. That was Gabe about 5 seconds ago. As a matter of fact he was singing that as I was typing this. And now he is singing “Highway tooo the blogging zone….”. I love it. Beer does this to and for us. We respect and love good beer. So with that being said here are the things we like to indulge in while we tie up some monster busters:

1. Sierra Nevada – Nooner (Chico, CA)

2. Lagunitas – IPA (Petaluma, CA)

3. Brewery Vivant – Belgian IPA (Grand Rapids, MI)

4. New Holland – Mad Hatter Michigan Awesome (Holland, MI)

5. Short’s Brew – ControversiALE (Elk Rapids, MI)

6. Brew Kettle – White Rajah IPA (Strongsville, OH)

7. Deschutes – Inversion IPA (Bend, OR)

8. New Belgium Brewing – Rampant Double IPA (Fort Collins, CO)

9. Stone – Delicious IPA (Escondido, CA)

All the good stuff.
All the good stuff.

Gabe has been hard at work…through beers and tunes he has come up with this new bass popper pattern. Welcome the “Strawberry Shortstack”. It was inspired in part by the beers listed above and the ridiculous sounds of the band Man Man ( We love Man Man.

It's like a cupcake for bass.
It’s like a cupcake for bass.

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