Lake Ontario Drop Rigging

OK, so it can’t always be about fly fishing.  My brother Mickey has a food truck called Zest Cleveland Catering (which is super delicious by the way) and I have been working for him here and there to help out and get a little extra money for bills.  Last weekend I worked a beer garden with him on Friday night, a farmers market in Shaker Heights on Saturday morning, and then the plan was I would spend the night at his place again Saturday night so that we could cater a private party on Sunday morning.  My wife and daughter came over to my brother’s house Saturday afternoon so that I could see them for just a little bit since I was working all weekend.  After the market I crashed in my nephew’s room for some much needed sleep and was awoken by my daughter jumping on me.  We went downstairs and I was about to sit down to some lunch when my niece brought me a folded piece of paper stating that I was not in fact working the next day, but I was actually 10 minutes away from leaving for New York to go on a salmon/steelhead fishing trip on Lake Ontario with Mickey, Andy, and Tyler as a gift from my brother.  Surprise!

Unfortunately, the fishing had been rough for the last few days and didn’t improve much for our trip.  We caught some nice sized steelhead but the King Salmon were teeny tiny, to the point that we dubbed them “Prince Salmon.”  Just the same, we had a fun time and made this little video (above) and took these photos (below) to remember the trip.  Felt good to get my hands on a pretty hen long before the fall run kicks off.



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