Friday Blog Roundup : The Cast


It’s safe to say that some of the biggest hurdle’s to get through in ones efforts at becoming an effective fly fisherman are all centered around the cast.  I am personally guilty on at least one occasion of breaking all of the tips I’m about to share, but each is a valuable bit of info intended to help you catch more fish.

Hatch Mag – Don’t Blame Your Fly Rod…lots of great stuff in here about the fundamentals of casting. Make sure you check out the video in which professional caster Braide Sessions demonstrates a technique to learn to cast without the rod (as well as some pretty awesome show-off-y stuff at the end). I think this is the most simplified way I’ve come across that gets the point across on the physics of a good cast.

Hatch Mag – Short Casts More Fish…pretty simple theory here that gets lost on a lot of people.  I get the urge to throw a long cast.  It’s a lot of fun.  But watching your old man pull out twice the number of fish as you because all he wants to do is keep a line in the water is not a lot of fun.  Trust me.

Gink and Gasoline – Limit False Casting…especially if you aren’t dry flying.  I know we’ve touched on this before here at DoubleHauled, but G&G help put this into even further perspective.

In my mind, the quicker you can grasp these three concepts the quicker you’ll be leaving the river as a hero, and not smelling like skunk.


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