Gear Review : Causwell


Outside of the fishing, it’s fair to say that most fly fisherman have some obsession with gear (to put it mildly).  Obviously, pulling a fish out of the water after a perfectly executed cast and drift is the biggest thrill we can experience.  But if that ranks as number 1, I’d argue that getting yourself some new gear to try out is 1a.

Personally, I like to stay a little bit ahead of the curve on the gear front and I recently stumbled across a new brand making apparel designed specifically for a new era of fly fisherman and that brand is Causwell.

In a recent interview with that can be found here, Causwell founder Mike Schneider lays out the brands objective to “create a laid back collection that really embodies the lifestyle of a trout fisherman”.  There are plenty of other good tidbits in the article about passing on the heritage of the sport and other things Causwell embodies that are definitely worth checking out, but I’m here to tell you about gear itself.

The LongSleeve Hooded Drirelease T-Shirt was the first Causwell purchase I made.  What stood out to me initially is that this Drirelease material really is some of the best I’ve come across in terms of functionality and comfort.  This is a very versatile piece of apparel in that it is functional across multiple seasons of fishing.  In the Summer and Fall, it can be worn as an outer layer that will provide the benefit of UPF 30+ sun protection, fast drying material and FreshGuard  technology, which will prevent you from starting to smell like the fish.  I haven’t tried it yet, but for the winter this feels like it will be a great insulation piece for those daring enough to get out on the water.Causwell

In terms of fit, I’d say you’re pretty safe to go true to size with this brand.  What you’ll get is a shirt that feels like it fit to form without being too snug.

From a price standpoint I’d say you’re getting a lot of value for the price.  We’ve all seen the guys that are marketing similar function and technology asking for 80 plus dollars and not delivering on a piece that you’ll actually want to be wearing at your post river imbibing session (which is definitely happening).

Bottom Line: It’s always great to support a brand that represents and stands for the right things.  When that brand also happens to be delivering on everything you’re looking for it’s even better.  My recommendation is to head out to the website and get yourself some new gear right now.  You don’t have enough t-shirts (and you aren’t fishing).

And if you happen to own a fly shop, I’d say you can clear a rack or two out for these guys.

Got any gear that we need to check out? Drop us a comment or hit us up on Twitter @doublehauled and email


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