The Cleveland Cavaliers


In the heat of a summer night in June, our hometown Cavaliers changed the landscape of professional sports in Cleveland in a fashion that was wholly appropriate given the magnitude of breaking through and ending the drought.  This is a fly fishing blog, yet a significant portion of the blog is dedicated to fishing the waters near Cleveland, Ohio.  So for something of this magnitude to occur without me mentioning it, well… it just seemed disingenuous.  Cleveland is a place where people tend to just work harder.  That’s not to say people elsewhere don’t work, but for whatever reason, Clevelanders have hard work in their DNA.  We’re gritty.  Determined.  Fiercely loyal.  I’m not going to pretend there are any grand connections between the Cavs winning a title and a small time fly fishing blog, except for the simple fact that one of the things that I feel makes this blog special is that you will find zero grandstanding here.  We know that we are perpetually learning and we try to be humble and honest in how we write.  We earn our fish from hard work in a watershed that is wildly unpredictable and at times very difficult to fish.  I think that alone is the connection.  We’re humble here.  We work hard.  We’re counted out constantly, but we keep pushing, keep striving, and we never give up, even when things get difficult.  So that’s really all I can say.  We’re so very proud of our Cavaliers, doing what everyone said couldn’t be done.  A second Warriors championship was a foregone conclusion when they went up 3-1 in the series.  But the Cavs fought back, tooth and nail, and created one of the most incredible stories in Cleveland history and the history of professional sports.  Thank you, Cavs.  Thank you Cleveland.  That was truly beautiful.

– Gabriel


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