About Us

Fly fishing, for reasons that we’ll cover during the life of this blog and for others that we’ll no doubt leave out, is far more than just a style of fishing.  It’s something different.  It’s an obsession.  It’s a community. It’s an entire subculture of passionate and creative people. And it’s something that if you’re not a part of it, you’ll be left wondering “why?”.

The authors of this blog discovered fly fishing and fly tying around the same time.  They have essentially had their lives destroyed by it.  We mean that in the best way possible.  We are not experts.  We are not guides.  We are not skilled writers.  We are just guys fishing and tying flies in Cleveland and sharing our experiences, ramblings, and opinions with you.

Feel free to contact us at doublehauled@gmail.com




A librarian in his early 30s juggling the family life, fly fishing, and crippling student loan debt the best he can.  A bit of an obsessive researcher and avid reader, so expect a lot of history, opinion, and diving into the more artsy fartsy end of fly fishing.


Now in his mid-30s Andy has had a career in marketing, product management, and business development for the last 12 years for a large consumer products company in Cleveland, OH. His loving wife Rachel allows him to fish as often as possible and spend way too much money on gear and fly tying materials.



Another Cleveland local and more recently born fly fishing enthusiast, Erik was fortunate enough to be introduced to fly fishing in the rivers of Bristol Bay Alaska in 2012.  From that point he was hooked and has fished areas ranging from the Pacific Northwest to local Ohio rivers and streams, carving out time wherever possible.  He is most drawn to both the cultural and technical appeal to fly fishing and will remain in constant pursuit of “getting it right”.  There will also be an endless push to drag his girlfriend Ashley and dog Denslow into the sport (which may be documented throughout the blog).


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