I will be the first to tell you I have been struggling for a long time to catch a carp on the fly.  Pretty much the first time I tried for it with my friend Nate, I became obsessed with learning how to do it.  I’ve seen it go easier for other people, but for … More Clicking

The Grubby Bear

I posted this odd little fly I had been tinkering with on a couple Facebook tying groups and Instagram and I was quickly inundated with messages asking how I made it.  Honestly, it couldn’t be simpler.  It’s funny how you can post a picture of a really intricate and difficult streamer photo and you’d be lucky … More The Grubby Bear

The Why of Tie

Recently, I wrote a piece for Fly Punk Magazine in which I discussed what it was that I love about fly fishing.  A lot of the piece revolved around the idea that the individual acts of fishing, tying flies, and writing about both combine to create my strong connection with fly fishing as a whole.  … More The Why of Tie

Riparian Rambler

What is more pitiful?  Someone who has lots of time and finds nothing joyful to do with it?  Or someone who has too little time and too many joyful things to do with what little he has of it?  I would definitely find myself in the latter and at times find myself dumbfounded by the … More Riparian Rambler


Since roughly mid-December (I think), I’ve been taking a break from fly fishing due to a tendon strain in my elbow (commonly referred to as tennis elbow). I cannot tell you how frustrating it has been not to be able to get out and fish. Especially since our local winter fishing season has been unusually … More Rekindling